How to whiten teeth naturally

Although discoloration of teeth or yellow teeth is hard to avoid, there is still a way to restore the natural white color of the tooth. Many people spend money to quickly whiten teeth at health and beauty clinics.

If you have yellow teeth and do not have enough money to whiten it in a health and beauty clinic, the following ways can help you, or you can download this tutorial for free

1. Siwak
The term siwak we know to clean the teeth is actually a limb or part of the siwak tree itself. Siwak has long been used as a natural ingredient to maintain the cleanliness and natural white color of teeth.
Archaeological research has also found that siwak has been used since the days of ancient Egyptian civilization. Not only that, Muslims of course know well that the Prophet Muhammad always clean his teeth by using siwak. Here is how to use siwak to clean and remove stains on teeth:
Use siwak that has a soft texture, this siwak can be obtained from the stems or roots of plants siwak Puree the siwak until it becomes a powder Mix the siwak powder with a little water and apply the paste on the teeth Clean or gargle after five minutes This treatment can be done twice a week to get maximum results.

2. Strawberry
Not only delicious to eat, strawberries contain vitamin C and ellagic acid that can help whiten teeth. Some celebrity hollywood like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tyra Banks even get used to using strawberry as a teeth whitener. The bleach effect caused by strawberry can be obtained in a short time even just by chewing it. Heres how to use strawberry to whiten teeth:
Strawberries can be directly rubbed on the teeth and let stand for a few minutes. Then gargle with warm water Or puree a strawberry and mix it with a teaspoon of baking soda Apply strawberry paste on the teeth and leave for two minutes. Then rinse with warm water Do this treatment twice a week

3. Coconut oil
Who would have thought that coconut oil can be used to prevent plaque while making your teeth that begin yellow to be more white and clean. Coconut oil is a vegetable oil extracted from coconut meat and has a kind of fat that is fairly unique and rich in benefits, because the whole fat is made from Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTS). How to whiten teeth naturally Coconut Oil
Prepare a tablespoon of coconut oil Apply coconut oil to your teeth evenly and let stand for 10-15 minutes Spit the coconut oil and rinse your mouth with clean water Finally brush your teeth as usual

4. Use hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is one of the chemicals that can be used to whiten teeth. The hydrogen peroxide compound is usually used as a whitening product on the food and in certain concentrations can help fade stains on the teeth.
Hydrogen peroxide is widely sold in pharmacies and chemicals stores. If you want to use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth you should select a hydrogen peroxide product that has a food grade label or is safe for consumption. Dissolve a spoon of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water Use the solution to rinse In addition to being used for gargling, hydrogen peroxide can also be used to make natural toothpaste by mixing it with baking soda. Remember to be careful when using hydrogen peroxide to rinse or brush your teeth. Excessive use will even damage your teeth. It is recommended to use it once a month.